Agatinia Vegan Material The New Natural Clothing

Vegan Material – The New Natural Clothing

In recent years, veganism has been taking the world by storm – and all for a good reason! People have become more aware of their food, cosmetics, and clothing choices, opting for ones that don’t harm animals and come from 100% natural sources. Moreover, companies and brands have decided to take on cruelty-free production of their products in hopes of expanding their target consumers and marketing, and ultimately improving their eco-footprint. As a result, people have enjoyed the benefits of vegan products, seeing as they’re much better for the environment and their health.

Today we’re going to focus on vegan clothing – how it’s different from the standard production of clothing and why it is better to opt for clothes made from natural and sustainable materials. In the long run, we aim for you to become more conscious of your shopping choices and further prove why it’s better to go vegan!

What Is Vegan Fashion?

By definition, vegan fashion or ethical fashion involves the production of clothes that doesn’t cause harm to animals, and all of the materials that are used come from completely natural sources. To further explain, it means not using fabrics that come from animals, such as fur, silk, wool, feathers, and, most importantly – leather. In the fashion world, this is generally not a new thing. However, ever since the 1990s, major companies have started using cruelty-free fabrics and organic materials as alternatives to the standard ones. Since this trend is rapidly growing, said companies are applauded for their awareness, and more brands are opting for implementing it in their production process. For this reason, vegan clothing has started becoming more accessible to people all around the world, thus improving their shopping decisions.

Why Should You Consider Going Vegan?

One of the main reasons why people choose to wear vegan clothes is to reduce their impact on the environment. However, there are many more reasons why you should consider going vegan since it’s beneficial not only for you but for the world around you as well! Let’s have a deeper look at them.

    1. Sustainable Clothes Are Better For The Environment

Did you know that the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions? For instance, producing one cotton shirt takes about 713 gallons of water! That equates to the amount of drinking water for about two and a half years! Furthermore, the industry causes a lot of deforestation since acres of forests are destroyed to create farms for raising cattle. These reasons alone should make you think twice about the clothes you buy!

Vegan clothing, on the other hand, is completely made from sustainable materials and doesn’t involve the use of animals. For that reason, organic fabrics are more eco-friendly and don’t cause further damage to our planet. Moreover, they are just as durable as their standard counterpart! Finally, vegan fabrics are much easier to color and tone! This means that, for example, faux-leather jackets can come in a vast array of colors in contrast to ones made from real leather. Even better – their quality remains the same as the equivalent!

    2. Eco-Friendly Clothing Carries Health Benefits

Vegan clothing does not only contribute to helping the planet, but it also contributes to your health as well! Mainly, there are no toxins or harmful chemicals involved in its production. Since typical fabrics undergo treatment of various substances in order to increase their durability and quality, organic fabrics are free from them. As a result, they are much better for our skin and our overall health.

Furthermore, whenever summer comes around, you’re always advised to wear light and breathable fabrics. The same applies to your delicates as well. This is because they can regulate the body’s temperature, meaning that they cool you down in hot weather, and keep you warm and fuzzy during the winter. Furthermore, organic fabrics are safer for the skin, since they prevent irritations and allergies.

We at Agatinia take this matter very seriously. Since keeping the health of our customers comes as our top priority, our vegan loungewear is completely made from sustainable materials! That being said, our new line is made from vegan silk, leaving a comfortable feel. You’ll sense the difference immediately, especially when you wear it on your bare skin!

     3. Vegan Clothes Are More Socially-Acceptable

Many people opt to wear vegan clothes in order to protect animals from harm. However, there are plenty of other social benefits that come with this choice. For instance, in terms of ethical fashion, the act of recycling or reusing old materials to create new articles of clothing has become commonplace. And this is a rather good thing since textiles contribute 5% of all landfill waste! By buying sustainable clothing, you are not only helping the environment but also becoming more socially aware.

Furthermore, there’s no need to buy cheap articles from fast-fashion brands that will lose their quality with a few washes. It is known that vegan clothing is more durable than its counterpart, requiring less frequent replacement, and your favorite pieces can be worn for a rather long time! In addition, this also creates the opportunity for you to discover and support small businesses since they are more conscious about the production of their products. By supporting such brands, like ours, you are contributing to ethical practices in creating clothes.

As you can tell, choosing to wear vegan clothing comes with so many advantages that benefit you and mother nature. Opting for sustainable choices can be a bit difficult in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be left with a wondrous feeling knowing that you have helped the planet in a small, but very meaningful way! We hope that we have provided you with enough insight to become more conscious about your shopping choices. So, the next time you shop, always check the brand you’re choosing to support and see if they contribute to the vegan fashion world. We promise you that Agatinia sure does!

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